How to Write a Poem for a Girl?

How to Write a Poem for a Girl?

Love poems will exist on earth as long as people are able to feel. Whether you are sad or happy, the words themselves lie on a blank sheet, emotions and passions are torn from each line, but here’s the mystery: we remember some verses for a long time, and we don’t even want to read others. Why is that? Today we will try to figure this out, we will talk about everything that is necessary to know before writing a poem for a beautiful girl. We will find out what it takes to write the best poem for a girl, find out the important things to convey into words in order to create a short love poem for a girl, and cover all sorts of other questions related to the topic.

Before we find out how to write a poem for a girl, let’s talk about women and poetry. Will a romantic poem for a girl be appreciated? Why do women love poetry?

Do girls love poetry?

Do you plan to write a poem for a girl? Let’s talk about female nature to clarify a few things. When we talk about women, you and I are talking about special creatures, not like men. Women look at the world from a completely different perspective and perceive life in a completely different, more sensual way. This is explained, first of all, by the fact that the task of a woman, from the point of view of nature, is to give birth to a child, and for this, she must be saturated with love. And when it comes to poetry, it is mainly such verses that convey life more colorfully, in a more beautiful form, in which life seems much better than it possibly is.

Women want to perceive life from the best side, for which sometimes, they have to invent it, imagine it. Do you know why this is important for women? Because they cannot release new life into a terrible, cruel, unjust world, in which there is a lot of pain and suffering.

Therefore, women do not like horrors or wars, while they adore art and poetry. Any person, and especially women, must see the meaning in life, they must understand that there is a lot of good in it, more than bad, so it’s worth living for this. Poems are, of course, far from the only thing that women love, there are other moments to which they attach importance, for example, romance. Therefore, when we talk about a woman and how to impress her, we must understand that we should paint a very beautiful world for her.

Yes, women are different, this also needs to be taken into account, but if we are talking about a real woman, then beauty, grace, refinement of feelings is important for her. This is not always appropriate, of course, to live is often cruel and unfair, and it happens sometimes that you are not in the mood for any poetry or romance. Nevertheless, for a woman, a man who can create a beautiful tale in a harsh reality is valuable. So, love those women who love poetry, because, without any exaggeration, these are real women who love smart men.

Now that you know the nature of the female psyche when it comes to poetry, let’s list some of the main topics for a poem for a girl you like.

Key topics for writing a poem for a girl

Here are the key topics that you should consider choosing for your love poem.

Her perfume

Our sense of smell is very important to us, it can bring the most vivid of memories, it can remind us of the greatest moments of our life, and the same goes for love. If you love the way she smells, this will be associated with a lot of vivid memories that you can then put into words.

Falling asleep or/and waking up

Sleeping and having dreams is often associated with love. If you truly love someone, your mind is infatuated with someone, and thus, you start dreaming about them, imagining you two together.

But not all relationships are meant to be, and you should not fight for a relationship that has no future. While the top wives dating with all your friends, you should not waste your time and find a girlfriend for yourself as well.

Your feeling for her

When your girl asks for a poem, what should you do? Talk about your feelings. This is the most logical one topic for a love poem. You can just talk about your feelings and put them in the way you would like to put them, because, in the end, your feelings for her is the only thing that matters.

How to start writing a poem

Are you interested in writing poems, but have you ever managed to give vent to your creative abilities? Do you want to stand on a par with the greatest of poets? Here are the main steps of writing a poem.

  1. Read some famous poems.

Before you invent something, you have to know the basics. Reading poems will help you realize what you should write about. In addition, it will inspire you to write your own work, read more poems and you will end up finding your own ideas.

  • Start with a protagonist.

How to write a love poem for a girl? Some poems tell about the protagonist’s adventures. Take, for example, the Odyssey of Homer, Aeneas Virgil, Gilgamesh, or Beowulf. You are probably familiar with the character traits of the protagonists, such as courage, justice, and virtue. In classic poems, protagonists are usually heartless. These poor qualities will make the hero much more interesting.

  • Plan your trip.

What challenges wait for your protagonist? Maybe your protagonist is looking for something, saving someone, returning home from the war, or they are in the thick of military events. Think about plot twists and action development that will happen on their journey.

  • Challenge your muse.

Each poetic style has its own muse, inspiring the author of a poem – Calliope. John Milton followed this tradition when he wrote his Christian poem, Lost Paradise. Interestingly, Milton turned to the Heavenly Muse, a technique by which he replaces the Greek goddess of inspiration with a Christian god.

  • Write!

This is the most interesting part. You can write your poem in any form that you like. No one can dictate what form your work should have. If you want to write in the style of Homer, Virgil, Hesiod and other poets of the classical era, you need to use the format that they used: a dactyl hexameter, or a line of six dactyls. There were no rhymes in ancient Greek and Latin poetry and you can do without them as well.

  • Create a name for the poem.

The name of a poem almost always coincides with the name of the protagonist. “Odyssey” is named for Odysseus, “Aeneid” – Aeneid, “Epic of Gilgamesh” – Gilgamesh. Sometimes the poem is named after a group of people, for example, the Argonauts (about the sailors of Argos).

Writing ideas for poems

A lot of words have been said about love. Everyone understands this feeling in their own way. And there is no unequivocal and accurate definition of this concept. This is a feeling of strong attachment, deep sympathy for another person. It arises suddenly and serves as an indicator of true happiness. As they say, if you love, then you consider yourself the happiest person in the world!

How to compose poems about love?

How to write a poem for a girl romantically? When you love, you want the object of your senses to do something pleasant, such that it will be remembered for a long time. Do you want to dedicate poetry to your loved one? Great idea. However, there is something you need to know. How to compose poems about love?

It should be love, not just sympathy

You must be truly in love, this is the very first condition for writing beautiful poems about the best feeling on earth. When you want to give a person a few lines to please them, and not just for show, then you can count on the poetry to be liked by the person you write it to.


If you have never written poetry, you may have problems with rhyme. We must learn to make beautiful rhymes to please a loved one. First, pick up a few words with which you would like to end the lines of your poem, and then think up a rhyme for each of them. Do it not in your mind, but write everything down on a piece of paper. Read carefully and do it aloud. Leave those combinations where, as you think, the words are best combined with each other. Avoid verbal rhymes – they spoil the poem.

Use the help of special programs

How to write a good poem for a girl? You can’t seem to find the right rhyme? There is a way out of this situation – on the Internet you can find several sites with programs that rhyme for you. And you will choose the most suitable rhyme from the proposed options.

Choose verse meter

When the rhymes are matched, determine the poetic meter. This can be a bipartite meter- iambic (emphasis on 1 syllable) or trochee (emphasis on the second syllable).

Decorate your poem

How to create a cute poem for a girl? So that your poems do not look like just a text that rhymes, but a tool for expressing your feelings, decorate them with metaphors, epithets, and other beautiful literary devices. Use comparisons. For example, a beloved girl can be compared to some graceful animal and her large expressive eyes – with clear lakes.

Tips how to write a great poem

Here are some tips on how to write a great poem.

First of all, your poem should have a strong “technical” side.

Any poems need to be written correctly. Gross errors in the simplest words can alienate the reader. The author’s speech should be clear and concise. The use of introductory words only for connectives and parasitic words in verses (especially about love) should be generally excluded.

If you started a poem in a certain rhythm, maintain it to the very end.

How to wire the cutest poem for a girl? Frequent and inappropriate transitions from one meter to another are difficult to perceive. It will seem that the author is a beginner, and far from being talented. Reread already written verses. Do not stretch what can be put in a couple of stanzas into entire pages.

Love poems play on the thin strings of the human soul, therefore, your creation must strike a chord in the listener

It would seem that this is not so difficult, because almost everyone at least once fell in love in his life. But success does not depend on what someone once experienced, but on how accurately you can describe the state of love. The key to a readable and popular love poem is the consonance of your thoughts with the experiences of other people.

Bright and colorful images are remembered better, therefore, there are a lot of metaphors and comparisons in the love lyrics.

How to write the sweetest poem for a girl? Use comparisons and metaphors. Learn to use them in those places where it is really necessary, but do not overdo it. Behind the picturesque paintings of the imagination, the meaning and logic of your work should not be lost.

And now you know how to write your own poem for a special girl, we hope that you will be able to put your feelings into words and they will do the job that you wanted them to.

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