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Welcome to the Bulleting Bird website!

I’m Srish (yeah, it rhymes with fish, swish and delish, I know). That’s me right there, giving you my best duck face. You’ll soon learn that I spend a lot of my time working in my PJs, and hopefully you’ll join in someday too!

Bulleting Bird is my creative brainchild-slash-excuse where I can unleash my extensive geekery when it comes to planning and organisation, social media and content strategy, online marketing, writing, personal development, and a life-long commitment to learning.

I think the most important part of your body lies between your ears (but of course I’d say that, I’m a Neuroscientist!) and through Bulleting Bird, I’m out on a mission to prove exactly what the human brain is capable of creating!This began as a basic Instagram account, and has now grown to live on multiple social platforms! However, I needed a place to pull all of this amazing content together, and that’s why we’re here. On this blog, you’ll find my Instagram and Twitter feeds for sure, but there are also some super useful blog posts, business advice, personality development tips and mental health self-care.


Hi! I’m Srish, the queen of messy hair and over-caffeinated writing. I like to see the best in people, and help them see my vision. There is magic in this world, and my job is to find it and share it.

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